Cognitive Coaching and Instructional Conferencing

Coaching techniques for the workplace

This program incorporates two distinct coaching models designed to meet the specific needs of staff working in different contexts.

Cognitive Coaching (3 days)

The first coaching model is Cognitive Coaching developed by Art Costa and Robert Garmston. This model embodies three different coaching conversations which can be used to help individuals forward plan, identify solutions to problems and reflect on situations, relationships or issues. No previous knowledge or experience of coaching is needed for this course and the model can be used in all contexts.

Instructional Conferencing (3 days)

Pre-requisite: Cognitive Coaching
The second model focuses on Instructional Conferencing and is taken from Madeline Hunter’s work on the clinical supervision on teaching. The model uses four different conferences to help trainers develop and refine their use of instructional techniques to help improve student outcomes and increase their professional expertise.

Program participants need to know how to deconstruct and identify the critical attributes of instructional skills, tactics and strategies and understand the language of instruction. These skills form the basis of instructional conferencing and as there is insufficient time to teach these on the course it is important participants come with an understanding of these issues.

Facilitator: VET sector expert Becky Saunders