The Centre for Training Excellence is offering an intensive format version of the Diploma of Quality Auditing. This qualification reflects the role of individuals who possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work and/or the work of a team. The qualification consists of 8 units and the volume of learning is typically 1 to 2 years.

This qualification is designed for participants who already have some knowledge and experience of quality auditing frameworks and processes, as the assessments will require application of the knowledge and skills. Participants will benefit most if they are: in auditing roles (or have had auditing experience within an organisation) ; are in employment ; have a commitment to complete the assessments within the assessment timeframe and in their own time.

There are no pre-requisites for this qualification however these are the required skills:

Literacy and language skills
You will be required to source, sort, categorise, interpret and analyse information, write reports, create documents using templates, set meeting agenda, chair meetings and prepare meeting minutes, explain key points, understand and use specialised vocabulary, use correct referencing procedures and conduct learning and assessments in English.

Planning skills
You will be required to plan and develop a range of materials for assessment purposes including (but not limited to); reports, forms, flow charts and audit tools that show your understanding of auditing (both conducting and reporting). You must be able to plan for and carry out audits (as assessments) and manage your time appropriately to submit your audits by the due dates.

Research and analytical skills
You will be required to identify, and use appropriate resources to develop materials to complete assessments.
You will require access to, and knowledge on how to use Internet based search engines. You will need to understand the businesses you are auditing to develop appropriate audit tools.

Technological skills
Technology is key tool for working as an auditor. You will be required to use a computer to create and format documents, research information, develop and maintain registers and conduct Internet searches in the workplace and to complete assessments. A working knowledge of word processing and spread sheet programs is required prior to attending. Knowledge of and the ability to use iPads may also be required for in class activities.

To discuss eligibility and course requirements prior to enrolment please contact the Centre for Training Excellence on 9427 1555.


The total cost of the Diploma of Quality Auditing is $2017.79

These prices are for Australian Residents. If you are not an Australian Resident, please contact us via 9427 1555 or to discuss the fee structure.


This program is offered at our Leederville campus and participants attend training over 6 non-consecutive days, complete assessment activities in the class (in the form of a guided audit) and are then required to complete assessment material (audits) in their own time.


All participants are required to attend the course orientation on Tuesday 24th October 5.30pm – 8:00pm at the Leederville campus. Room A346, A Block, Corner of Oxford Street and Richmond Street, Leederville.

Semester 2, 2017 Leederville Campus

Face to face workshops:

Day 1: Monday 30th October 9:00am – 4.30pm
Day 2: Tuesday 31st October 9:00am – 4.30pm
Day 3: Wednesday 1st November 9:00am – 4.30pm

Day 4: Monday 20th November 9:00am – 4.30pm
Day 5: Tuesday 21st November 9:00am – 4.30pm
Day 6: Wednesday 22nd November 9:00am – 4.30pm Support Tutorial

This training is in an intensive format. The time commitment that you should allocate to complete your assessment will depend on each individual. This time frame will vary depending on your background knowledge and experience of quality auditing, your technology skills and your ability to grasp new concepts.However, as a guideline we would recommend you allocate, at a minimum, the equivalent of five days (or 40 hours) to complete each assessment task, including research and self-directed learning. This will equate to approximately 20 days (or 160 hours) of your time additional to the attendance at class sessions.

Units of Competency

This course comprises the eight units of competency required to complete the Diploma of Quality Auditing.

BSBAUD402 Participate in a quality audit
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk
BSBAUD501 Initiate a quality audit
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
BSBAUD503 Lead a quality audit
BSBCOM501 Identify and interpret compliance requirements
BSBAUD504 Report on a quality audit
BSBWRT401 Write complex documents
Workplace requirements:

For the Diploma of Quality Auditing, you will be required to complete three audits and submit evidence of conducting meetings, identifying risks, developing audit tools, conducting audits and preparing audit reports. One audit will be initiated within the workshop (with time external to class required to complete) and then you will need to initiate, conduct and report on two audits in your own time, within your own organisation.

Support from your manager to facilitate this requirement is essential to successfully complete the unit requirements. If you are unsure please contact NMTAFE for further information.